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Abandoned twice and heartbroken

I am sharing my story so that people can learn from my past and mistakes…

Getting over a heartbreak

I feel heart broken because I liked the guy a lot. And I also thought he and his family liked me too. My question is how can I have this pain in my heart go away?

Chose mum over the girl of my dreams

I know islamically that parents know best etc and that jannah lies beneath the feet of your mother which is why I felt I had to as she wasn’t happy. I still love this girl however and I don’t know how to get over her.

Looking for hope, I’m losing my love

I want to get him back and apologise many times… I’m sorry dear, I want you back, forgive me

I have hurt him a lot. Will Allah forgive me?

I love him so much I can’t even explain and since the day I left him I am crying so hard, I broke him apart.

Love, stress, tension, family issues…

I am praying to ALLAH(SWT) may she come back to me.. and I even think now that there might be a problem something must be wrong!!

Lost and losing faith

This is my last year of high school. My mother prefers my brothers over me, which is odd because I’ve always been there for her, and comfort her and almost never disobeyed her. Yet my brothers do worse. I don’t have a relationship with my family. I feel alone, all the time. Yes I pray, fast, etc yet I feel empty. I used to feel full of faith, but now I feel nothing and it breaks my heart because I love Allah and I want him to love me.

What is the punishment suggested in Islam when someone breaks your heart?

I tried so hard to forget him but I failed. Did God not forgive me? And what is the punishment for him?

I love him, but after all we’ve been through, we can’t marry

What can I do? I can’t have another marriage but he also can’t marry me.

How to recover after a terrible break up?

I know some of you will wonder why I stayed with him for so long, if he treated me so bad. The point is that he made me feel worthless. His little comments used to break me down and make me feel that I didn‘t deserve better. Each time we broke up, he made me feel as if I would not find someone else. He made me feel so bad, so low, and that I was not even worth getting married to because of my past.