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I really loved him and was willing to compromise but he divorced me.

He has not until today talked to me or explained any proper reason for divorce. He has just run away and I feel so bad why it happened to me. I have explained to him that I am with him in every decision and this is wrong islamically as we don’t have any valid reason for divorce but he refuses to communicate.

Interfering and bad mouthing in-laws; I am getting divorced.

My husband and I are now getting divorced has he cannot put me and his children first because his family mean more to him than we do. I am so upset by all this, I’m heartbroken and feel so upset for my children. When I married I wanted it to be for life.

How do I confront my husband about his cheating?

How can one pray and fear Allah swt and yet commits adultry .I would appretiate any advice on what I should do. Do I leave him or continue to live my life as though nothing has happened? Please tell me how do I confront him with the evidence of have on him and what do I say? I am so scared and confused HELP !

Lost hurt, weak and feel like that death is my only option. Please help me out of this situation.

Please advise me ASAP, I have only 20 days left to give one last info to the immigration centre for him to be accepted and come to my country. I have already asked him if he wants this marriage he has not replied to me or even said a single word about it. I know it is quite long but I had to explain it in a way where you don’t have any question to ask or leave any empty holes in the story.