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I love him but we have sinned

I still feel so in love him though he has told me it is over and he no longer loves me or cares for me.


What is the best for me to do?

My heart automatically falls for her again and again.

How should I approach marriage with an std?

The time nears closer and closer and I need advice…

Difficulty in getting married!

I am in a confused state and I really wanna marry that guy.

Something gone too wrong

I hope Allah gives him punishment – he used me and now he leaves me for all!

My husband’s family have taken my baby away

The only time I saw my baby was when I was breast-feeding. My mother in law demands for my daughter to call her “mum”.

Why divorce?

I cried that please don’t give me divorce but he sent me a divorce letter by whatsapp… I want to kill myself…

I like my cousin but she likes someone else

If I try to imagine someone else in my life instead of her I only see darkness.

This is ruining my life!

I liked a girl and she left me. I want her back but I can’t have her!

I want to fix my broken engagement

My family asked me to get out of the house if I still want to marry him. Not a single person is there to help.