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How should I approach marriage with an std?

The time nears closer and closer and I need advice…

Pre marital sex and herpes

I had sex with a man I thought I loved and contracted herpes… I feel terrible keeping this a secret.

Symptoms of herpes simplex virus causing emotional stress

About a year now its been I have found symptoms of Herpes Simplex Virus, type 1 and 2 (not really sure) but I am infected around my mouth. I get cold sores..

Sexually transmitted disease has shattered my faith in Allah

I am a revert to Islam. I have been married ten years to someone who was born and raised Muslim. After the second year of our marriage I discovered I had an STD (Hsv, type2). I am angry with Allah for letting this happen to me.

What are my Islamic rights over my husband, he drinks, smokes marajuana & has an STD

My husband has moved out, he drinks, smokes marajuana and has an STD which he transmitted to me. I need to know my Islamic rights over him.