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Is it allowed to make youtube videos?

I live in germany and its not easy to find hijabs and abayas here. There are not many islamic shops. I decided to open my own hijaab and abaya shop soon inshALLAH. I saw many hijabis who do videos on youtube. I was gona do some too, (with my own designed hijaabs and islamic talks…) But I’m not sure if it is allowed to do that?

Are Muslim women obliged to wear a headscarf?

Are Muslim women obiged to wear a scarf? If it is then why so? And, if its about modesty then how come only a headscarf can declare a woman a modest person? A woman can be modest by wearing decent clothes and behaving in a decent banner. But, if a woman wants to dress the way she likes then why doesn’t she have the free will. Or does she?

Converting to Islam in Australia.

I have been reading the koran (english version) and I am thinking of converting but I have so many questions.I am christian and live in Australia so I don´t know of places where I can go and learn more about the religion.

Hijab and relationship with fiance as a Muslimah living in Eastern Europe

I am a Muslim sister recently gave up a lot of things to ask ALLAH for forgiveness and to follow unto that path, unfortunately two things stand on my way, the first being Hijab. Where i live, which is in Eastern Europe, islam is not regarded very well and in general any one seen with a scarf is discriminated against in every possible way that is if not attacked.

How do I help my best friend realise the enourmity of her sin?

I heard u give really good advice, as my friend emailed u asking about a frend who lost her virginity willingly. Well the that friend in fact is my best frend and I have the same problem. But nothing about forgiving. I just dont know whether to trust her or not, as i feel very uncomfortable around.
And another one of my frends is trying to advice her about the consequences and what she must do (wearing a hijab) but she just doesn’t seem to feel the guilt of her actions.

Writing a novel about a Muslim superhero

I am working on a novel, where one character, who I have tentatively dubbed Tazara Issa, is a devout girl who practices Islam. My novel revolves around a superhero/fantasy theme, where certain characters in Canada, all rather young, begin to gain powers, at the same time evil creatures of myth begin to return to the world. Five of these characters feel it to be their duty to protect people, including Tazara.

Just trying to be happy :(

I just went through a breakup of a 5-year relationship. I know it’s not accepted in Islam, furthermore, during those years, I have sinned a lot while being in the r’ship. The ex left me suddenly, just one week after talking about marriage plans. For two months I was left to question him and myself why it was happening suddenly. He said he wanted to focus on school, which then later led on to he doesn’t have feelings for me anymore.

My family does not practise Islam. How can I guide them?

My family is Muslim but non-religious. When I was 18, I met my husband and I researched Islam more and began to pray and fast. We married when I was 19. I am now 21 and I have just started to wear hijab, and my husband supports this alhamdulillah. I have two young children under the age of 2 and I wish for them to pray inshallah but how can my family be a positive influence if they do not pray or display a good example?

Is it okay to show my hair to a prospective husband?

There is a guy who has proposed to me. I know that there is a hadith for the Prophet Mohamed (sala Allahu alehi wasalam) saying it’s okay for the guy to look at the girl. Does that include hair as well?