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I think I am Bisexual or a Lesbian, and I do not know what to do!

It has been happening since my childhood and I have tried everything to stop it, but nothing is changing the way I feel.

Not Allowed to Wear a Hijab

Is it bad if I continue practising Islam without wearing a hijab?

The hijab makes me hate being Muslim

I feel like because of the hijab I just dislike Islam, I hate being Muslim, I just feel terrible all the time.

Istikhara dream – does this mean I can’t be with her?

It makes me incredibly sad that I think I can’t be with someone I love and it’s giving me a lot of anxiety…

Should I wear the Hijab?

I obviously cover my hair when I pray but I have such a strong desire to wear a hijab when I leave my house, what should I do?

My confidence level in myself once I wear a hijab

I have been thinking of wearing hijab for a long time… but I’m afraid I won’t be strong enough to keep this together. How do I make sure that doesn’t happen?

Am I worthy of wearing the Hijab?

My ex lover said to me “You’re a kaffir. You don’t deserve to wear the hijab. You’re filthy trash…”

My mother is forcing me to wear short clothes!

I want to wear hijab. She wants me to wear short dresses, shorts with short sleeves top and even push-up bras. What should I do? I’m earning so many sins.

I just want to be successful in this life and not bother with religion – CLOSED

If other people are getting happiness in this life and they don’t pray or anything, why bother praying? I don’t want to suffer anymore. Also, men don’t like religious women.

My parents won’t let me wear hijab?!

My father says it’s oppressive.. My mother tells me it’s dangerous.. My siblings make fun of me.