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I’m Muslim, His parents won’t accept me because I’m ‘not religious enough’

I know his family is very religious but so is mine… Yet his mom won’t see that nor will they give me the chance to prove it or show her.

What should I do with my hijab?

I am the only one in my family doing hijab. When non-mahram relatives visit, if I don’t greet them they think I am disrespecting them or insulting them.

Confused about choosing a spouse

I am asking for your advice on whether I should approach my cousin or continue searching for a better match?

Feeling lost and hopeless

My heart is now dark, I never repent because I know I don’t have that sincerity… I’m 14 and I wish I had never been born.

I need help adopting the hijaab

Please help me get over my hesitation… or advise if it is very necessary that I adopt the hijaab…

Proposal would require me to remove my veil…

His family demands me to take off my face veil when non mehrams relatives are at home.

Flying while Muslim

Should we go through extra inconvenience to make sure others are comfortable and we are not dragged off…?

Parents don’t want me to get married

I don’t have any “single” family member who supports me in my decisions, who backs me. Instead everyone is mostly discouraging me in hijab wearing, not listening songs,watching movies etc. Saying I won’t get good proposals, etc.

Is niqab really important to wear?

Some say niqab is farz and important and some say it’s sunnah.

Relationship with a non-Muslim man for 5 years but he questions Islam.

I have always done everything “right” in life… He doesn’t think the same as my other Muslim male friends. When I think of him and Islam, I flinch. I know I can’t change some of his views, but I know he will be a Muslim someday.