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Dating a Hindu and Living with a Distressing Past

I have been in a relationship with a Hindu. I love Allah, but I can’t see such an amazing person going to hell.

My Hindu boyfriend threatens suicide if I leave him

He cannot live without me. he was about to kill himself but i saved him once telling that i won’t leave him. He is living for me now.

I broke my forced marriage, now I want to marry a hindu man but he’s scared to convert

He told me one time dat he like my religion and he think about convert! But this things happen and now I cry bcs I miss him. Its wid him who I want to make my hajj, its wid him who I want wake up in the mornings of ramadan, I’m sad, help me doing dua for me. And please if some one have or know some duas or especial salat pls tell me! Shukar for the space!