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Very grieved and very confused please help

My parents who are Hindu say that I have spoilt my son’s life… that my husband and I are not legally married. I feel very scared for my son.

Am I facing trial or punishment?

I converted to Islam. My family is hindu. I am not able to see any door out.

Should I just give up on marriage and a family?

Nobody is accepting proposals as my family is hindu. I want to have a muslim family of my own but it seems impossible.

How should my husband behave around female non-Muslim relatives?

I have a query about interaction with non Muslim relatives. My husband’s Aunty (his Mum’s sister) had converted to Hinduism and married a Hindu man. From that union they have daughters who are naturally Hindu.

How can I guide my Hindu parents to Islam?

I was a Hindu girl and reverted around two years ago to Islam by the grace and mercy of ALLAH(SWT). My parents don’t know about this. They are planning for my marriage with any Hindu boy. I can’t marry any Hindu boy.