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I am muslim boy who wants to marry a Hindu girl – please help.

I know she just want to be muslim just for me, please guide me what should I do? I will marry with her in court.

Muslim girl married hindu convert

I am having a very hard time living with his parents since they have idols around & they drink alcohol. I don’t want my son to be raised around that kind of environment.

I want to marry a younger Muslim man

I am ready to convert to Islam, I believe in Allah. But we are afraid of our parents and society.

Hindu boy in love with a Muslim girl

i am hindu boy and mygirlfriend is muslim … she love me after her engagement both we fall in love more even we feel already both husband and wife now but in her home she ask but her father is heart patient when she tell about us to her dad he got heart attack

Hindu girl and Bengali-Muslim guy – love conflict

We have tried to stay away as we know how difficult our situation is however recently he told me that as he is getting older (he is 34) and has so much family pressure on him, he has to start thinking about settling down. He had discussed with his mum marrying a non-Bengali non-Muslim however she said that was not possible and then ignored the situation.

Hindu girl ready to convert but afraid of hurting her parents

I am a Muslim boy in love with a Hindu girl for past ten years . Initially, she has always agreed to be a part of Islam, but since the D-Day is approaching her nervousness is creeping up. She understandably does not wants to tell her parents about her conversion to Islam, as this you […]

If a Muslim girl married a Hindu boy, what will her surname be?

If a hindu boy wants to marry a muslim girl what will her surname be?