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Help me – trapped in a violent and abusive marriage

He started hitting me after marriage and he’s never sorry – always blame me. I am so depressed and sick of my awful life…

My husband has anger problems – what should I do?

Should I leave him now? Even when he gets mad at my daughter he hits her really badly… She isn’t even seven years old yet… But when he looses his anger there seems nothing but Allah who can stop the rage.

Family problems… things just seem to be getting worse

My dad tried to hit my mom with a steel rod, my brother tried to defend my mom and so my dad started beating him too…

My father is violent and won’t find me a marriage

He said to me “I will kill you today”. Then he was throwing things on me including hammer and screwdriver and then I also attacked him, hit him, and tear his shirt.

Violent husband who has trust issues

He has slapped me, mentally hurt me, and hit me a couple of times too. He has apologized for his behavior, but he ends up doing it again and says that it’s all my fault. I’m fed up now. I’m not sure what to do. I’m stuck inside the house and even then I’m pounded!

He’s been abusing me ever since we married

To make it short, I have been mentally and physically abused by my husband since I got married to him. He has raised his hand over me several times, he has strangled me to death, he has used all sorts of utensils to beat me up and broke my arm with a metal bar. But all this time I have kept myself quiet just because he is my husband.

My boyfriend is abusive but I love him

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters,

I’m facing so many problems in my life. I got involved in a relationship, one which I have been in for the last 8 years. I really love him but he always bothers me, he uses abusive language against me, he slapped me, kicked me. One time I ended up with plaster on my hand for one month during Ramzaan because of him.

Husband has thrown me out and demands divorce

I had my nikkah last year in Ramzan in Pakistan. My husband moved to the US and I stayed in Pakistan. In July 2010 I had my rukhsati and came to the US. After a month and a half, my husband found out that I had a relationship 2 years before my nikkah when I was in high school.

Husband beating me and neglecting me, what should I do?

The entire week he used to be out 15 hours for work, & I used to be alone at home. Or he used to simply leave me at his parents home. I was working at management level before I got married, but due to the fights he didn’t let me work afterwards. Whenever I went to his parents place, they wanted me to serve them for everything. Though they had daughters, I was like a servant to them. Soon I started fighting with my husband for all this & he started beating me.