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How do I overcome this? Please help me.

I have homosexual urges. I have been dealing with this since years and it’s making me weak on my knees. Please pray for me.


Suicidal because of gay sexual activities

I have no other choice. I can’t live with it and can’t go without it.

Can we get forgiveness for homosexuality?

For many years I have been in a sexual relationship with my best friend. He is also a boy… But I was unaware of this sin. What should we do?

Is it a sin to see lesbian kissing?

Anyone please tell me is it a sin or haram in Islam to see lesbian kissing? Only kissing? shano

14 years old and forced into homosexual acts…

That boy always forces me to do these bad things… I have been trying to commit suicide.

Heartbroken and considering suicide

I was in a gay relationship with one of my close relative. I trusted him but now he got married. Suicide is my last option. I have lost my life partner, my love.

It’s haraam, but I can’t help it

I’m afraid that I might be gay. I’m really scared, because I have always been taught that homosexuality is haraam.

I hate myself for being homosexual

I am sick of myself so much and I just want to die. My concept of dying is that if I die, it will only reduce the sins that I will further commit.

Sexuality and gender in Islam

What is and isn’t against Islam in sexual preference?

Lesbianism…Will Allah forgive me?

I became her girlfriend, like a real wife and we stayed together 24/7. It lasted a few months and then she started ignoring me and broke up with me. I am repenting but want her too.