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They refuse to let her marry me because I’m diabetic

Her family would say to me “you are like a son to us”, but when they found out about my condition they totally changed. They have made me feel so under-valued just because of my diabetes. I really want to be with this girl and she wants to be with me. She would call me upset that her family will not let it happen, and they will not listen to her that she is happy to marry me. We met the right way, and both families have met, we got along and everything has totally changed.

How to protect innocent women from my family’s men?

There is a problem with the males in my family. They basically have no repect for women. The rest of my family members try to conceal this truth from others, especially in the matter of marriage.

Half a Virgin

He was my first boyfriend, and at this stage I was very naive, foolish, unknowledgable about the whole dating process, and was somewhat heavily influenced by his lifestyle. Due to my naivety, I am scarred by certain things he made me do, which i realised later are considered to be major sins in Islam. After research, I can say with deep repentance that I am half a virgin.

Should I be honest during the courting period even when I have sinned?

I have a problem which make me to think all day and night. I have been in a relationship and we had decided to marry each other. We did something which were sin and I did those only because I was sure of my decision and wanted to marry him.(I’m a virgin and didn’t lose my virginity but he has touched my body and I did so with him).

Can I trust her when she says I am her first?

I got into a relationship and told the girl all about my past, she claimed to have told me all as well. Wwe got close and committed zina. There was no blood the first time and she said that she had not been with anyone before.