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Imprisoned by my family for cancelling my arranged wedding

They say that I have killed their pride and therefore I should die and deserve to be raped and killed because I am a whore… They pray for my death, they pray for my unborn children’s deaths and they pray I face suffering throughout life.

Forced to give up marrying the person I want.

My father says himself that to him nothing is more important than honor.

Parents do not agree with love marriage?

I have fallen in love with a man my parents would disapprove of. We have not done anything inappropriate. I would like a halal relationship but my parents believe love marriages to be dishonourable.

I am pregnant, my boyfriend who is still in jail, wants me to abort the child

I know I’ve committed a big sin by getting pregnant, but I don’t want to commit a bigger sin by killing the baby.

My parents are racist and won’t let me marry who I want. Please help me.

I don’t know how to approach my parents, they will kill me, they will threaten me and tell me I have brought shame on the family.

Please Help Me? Forced Into Marriage..

My brothers or family don’t listen to no one and my older brother is willing to kill me and go to prison for 30 years these are his own words so it makes it very hard for me to even do anything when I’m living in this fear 24/7 of being killed at any time by my own family.

Feeling lost and worthless

What do I do? Do I tell his mother I was intimate with her son? That I cannot marry someone else now as it would mean problem for my family honor too? That her son loves me very much and I make him happy but he is afraid to tell her that?

I want to be respected and honored

want to excel in my life, and another thing I want to is have a very loving husband. But I know all of this is not possible, so I get depressed sometimes and then decide to lead a simple life without expecting all of this, and be happy with what Allah gives me. I need emotional stability, so can you guide me what I should do?

Forced to marry; parents refuse to listen

At one point I even told him I was forced to marry..I thought he might understand why it is so difficult for me to behave like a normal wife but he did not understand.. He acts like I never said it and pretends like everything is normal between us..can he not see that I am dying on the inside?