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I am raising money for my asylee friend’s family!

Hello, I am Himari, and I have a family friend whose name we call “Minnesota family.” They came to the USA as asylees, and their case is still pending. When they first arrived in 2019, the wait times were 180 days at max, but COVID happened and there were so many people filing for asylum […]

He loves me, he loves me not…

I am a teenager but I am in love with my cousin. How do I ascertain his feelings? Should I wait?

We had a relationship but he married another. How do I move on?

I loved a man who eventually married another girl. We sinned, but it was true love…or so I thought. How do I stop hoping for a life with him? What if Allah gives us a second chance?

I want to renew my faith in Allah

I really feel like I need Him in my life. What can I do, please advise me – how can I renew my faith?

Sharing positive outcomes of divorce and life after it…

It would be really good if people could post something positive that came out of divorce… I am sure a lot of people would benefit from some positivity.

Should I still hope, or not?

Recently I came to know that if istakhara comes out negative, then you cannot hope or pray for that person. I’m very confused now. I don’t know if I should ask Allah for this, or should I keep quiet? I’m not asking for haram. I’m asking Allah to make it halal and beautiful for us, and make us pious. Is this wrong?

I can’t take it anymore.

This pain is infinite. I cry for my mother and myself. She doesn’t know any thing, because she herself has so many problems and I don’t want to worry her. Tell me how to be strong? I get nightmares, I get dizzy every time I stand, and I can’t focus on anything because of a lack of physical and emotional strength. I want to become close to Allah. I know He knows everything. Just help me. I want to get married one day and have a happy life, but I’m scared that my abusers will come again.

I have big dreams, but every door is shut

Right now, I feel like my dreams and desires have crashed. I try to keep faith, but it somehow is short-lived. I make full resolve to study but yet again I fail.

Does confessing a sin affect repentance?

Salam all, I have been in a state of depression for the past couple of years due to a sin that I comitted when I was around 12/13 years old. Years have now passed by but I am still haunted by it. I decided to change my lifestyle around recently for the past 3 weeks or so, and it was going fine , I was feeling closer to Islam , my prayers felt rewarding and different, however now I am again in a state of no hope.

Would a man marry a single mother?

I’ve befriend a guy who loves Islam dearly, he’s my bestfriend and I love him but he doesn’t know. Now will it be hard for me to marry after having a child to another man whom I was engaged to??