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He loves me, he loves me not…

I am a teenager but I am in love with my cousin. How do I ascertain his feelings? Should I wait?

We had a relationship but he married another. How do I move on?

I loved a man who eventually married another girl. We sinned, but it was true love…or so I thought. How do I stop hoping for a life with him? What if Allah gives us a second chance?

I want to renew my faith in Allah

I really feel like I need Him in my life. What can I do, please advise me – how can I renew my faith?

Sharing positive outcomes of divorce and life after it…

It would be really good if people could post something positive that came out of divorce… I am sure a lot of people would benefit from some positivity.

Should I still hope, or not?

Recently I came to know that if istakhara comes out negative, then you cannot hope or pray for that person. I’m very confused now. I don’t know if I should ask Allah for this, or should I keep quiet? I’m not asking for haram. I’m asking Allah to make it halal and beautiful for us, and make us pious. Is this wrong?

I can’t take it anymore.

This pain is infinite. I cry for my mother and myself. She doesn’t know any thing, because she herself has so many problems and I don’t want to worry her. Tell me how to be strong? I get nightmares, I get dizzy every time I stand, and I can’t focus on anything because of a lack of physical and emotional strength. I want to become close to Allah. I know He knows everything. Just help me. I want to get married one day and have a happy life, but I’m scared that my abusers will come again.

I have big dreams, but every door is shut

Right now, I feel like my dreams and desires have crashed. I try to keep faith, but it somehow is short-lived. I make full resolve to study but yet again I fail.

Does confessing a sin affect repentance?

Salam all, I have been in a state of depression for the past couple of years due to a sin that I comitted when I was around 12/13 years old. Years have now passed by but I am still haunted by it. I decided to change my lifestyle around recently for the past 3 weeks or so, and it was going fine , I was feeling closer to Islam , my prayers felt rewarding and different, however now I am again in a state of no hope.

Would a man marry a single mother?

I’ve befriend a guy who loves Islam dearly, he’s my bestfriend and I love him but he doesn’t know. Now will it be hard for me to marry after having a child to another man whom I was engaged to??

I was sexually molested by my older cousin and I don’t know what to do

The night my older cousin molested me was a really long time ago. I was 12, he was 23, I was immature and saw him in the same light as i saw my own brother who was the same age -I was still a kid (fasting was not wajib on me yet).