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Depression is coming back.

I never talked about this to anyone so I kinda feel alone. I am starting to just feel like giving up.

Why is getting married unnecessarily difficult? Does Allah send you a spouse or do you go and find one yourself?

Because I am no longer living, I am just existing.

Hopeless and stuck in my past

I want to live normally by thanking ALLAH and all that. But the problem is i am stuck in my past.

Trapped by depression

Everyone thinks I’m a strong person and I have been trying to be, but I just feel trapped

I want to commit suicide because of my masturbation habit

Yesterday I decided to attempt suicide, but then suddenly an idea came to my mind about asking questions on the internet, and today I’m here. Please help me otherwise I will lose my life!

I can’t take it anymore.

This pain is infinite. I cry for my mother and myself. She doesn’t know any thing, because she herself has so many problems and I don’t want to worry her. Tell me how to be strong? I get nightmares, I get dizzy every time I stand, and I can’t focus on anything because of a lack of physical and emotional strength. I want to become close to Allah. I know He knows everything. Just help me. I want to get married one day and have a happy life, but I’m scared that my abusers will come again.

I feel like I am alive, but not existing. Depression has got the best of me.

I think I’ve hit rock bottom. I am just about done. I relapsed on cutting and starting thinking of suicide but I feared Allah…

Lost motivation to look forward because of my past

Sometimes I wonder why Allah brings people in the world if they will have so many problems? There are even times when I have told myself that maybe I won’t even have anyone in this life, and then again this life is temporary. I just don’t know what’s happened to me? I don’t understand how rude, heartless, and conniving people get such caring, loving, and devoted partners; and when it comes to honest people who want good for others and care for others, they just have it so hard.

We had sex twice, now I feel like we have to be together

Sometime I do sex to myself by thinking about him. I can’t avoid that. I need him. It’s not possible to marry others, even though I pray to Allah no marriage proposal has come to my parents by anybody.

Hopeless, seeking dua for death

I have constantly been tortured. Ever since I was 16, I was married at a young age which was a mistake because the guy tortured me emotionally and physically. He only wanted his papers. For the past 10 years I never met the right person, it’s like my life is a burden on me.