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My husband does not listen to me and says I argue all the time

l just want to be able to talk to my husband openly and freely without all the animosity. How do I do this?

I need suggestion and help…

After 7 months of engagement, he comes back and says that he just wants to be friends with me…

Husband has wanted second wife

Is there any way to give up the pain he has caused me from all the lying?

Worried for my marriage

My husband came across a message I sent to my best friend… He says my actions made him feel betrayed, hurt, under appreciated and that I ruined the trust he had in me.

Apologising for the hurt

Not sure she accepted my apology or not, I think she didn’t forgive – so would Allah swt forgive me?

My fiancee doesn’t love me any more

She keeps insisting I should keep praying to Allah and that she is also praying for the love to come back. But for her the love is not there anymore.

Online friends

I got back in touch with my online friends… Many were happy to see me back. But a few not so much…

Should I leave this relationship?

I’ve realized he hasn’t changed… I don’t know what to do, he made me so weak I’m unable to take decision that what should I do?

My father has become difficult to live with

I honestly don’t know how to proceed and I am tired of trying to restore our relationship. I am on the verge of shutting him out of my life.

Hurt and confused by my boyfriend’s constant anger

He has so much anger and resentment about past issues which I told him its from the devil, just forgive as Allah forgives bigger sins. But then he gets angry at me saying what about my pride. My family was willing to talk to him and apologize and fix things to make me happy, but he would not speak to them. He isn’t a bad person, but just can’t control his anger.