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I feel I have no reason to live

So please, I am confused, from the beginning he knew that he won’t marry me, but he was still being with me? He even made me meet his father. So it’s just a total mess. I can’t get it.

How should I treat my parents because of this?

I know that being angry and not speaking to them is not going to solve anything, but I seriously don’t know what to say or how to feel. We did just recently move and I could say my dad is busy selling the old building we lived in and buying new things for the new place. But don’t they care enough to help me out?

Gambler husband – liar and womanizer – Enlighten me!

If I don’t agree to his ways, he verbally abuses me – tells me I’m a pig and that I am a worthless wife. He even told me to leave their house, that’s how disrespectful he is to me. I have been physically slapped around too in the past, last time was a few months ago. If I don’t talk back, everything is ok.

In one meeting he made me feel cheap and small

A few weeks ago, I went to see him in a restaurant just to have a chat, that’s all. It started up ok but slowly I found it he was being a bit selfish. At the end, I felt humiliated.

I discovered a secret second wife and child

I am converted muslim from Philippine and i am married to muslim indian man for 6 years now and residing in Dubai since we got married but we still don´t have children..i am happy staying with him for 6 years but suddenly i found a piece of paper stating that he has a second wife and has a child with her.. I talked to my husband about this matter and he explained to me that ….

Dating a Muslim man who got engaged and did not tell me.

I am a Catholic, and had been dating my Muslim Pakistani boyfriend for almost 2 years. Both of us are in our late 20’s and live in the US. I would always make it clear to him that our relationship was serious to me and that I expected marriage in the end. He has a business in Pakistan, and in March 2009, he traveled over there, and got engaged. He came back to the US and never told me, and continued to be my boyfriend for 10 months knowing full well that he had an engagement party and everything to another girl. I accidentally read something, and found out what he did.

From the time my husband’s mother died, our marriage has gone downhill

My husband’s mother passed away two years ago at the age of 60. After that, he became a totally different man. He still talks of his loss as if it was last week. In the past 2 years, he has treated people differently and has far less compassion than ever imagined. If he hurts someone (with his tongue) then “bad luck (if he’s in one of his moods) because his mother has gone”. And now our marriage is falling apart.

I have feelings for a man but I am scared to get hurt

I met a man I like and I want to ask him for marriage, but I have been hurt before and I am afraid to try again.