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Can I marry my wife again?

I’d really like to have a wedding with her parents and our Muslims friends.

Sexual relationship with wife

We are newly married. Must we have sex?

Having problems with my wife

She says things so hurtful to me… I did everything to change her in bad way like scream at her or even I left the bed. Please I am not the man who is like this at all…

My Wife left Islam temporarily

She came back to Islam after 7 months, and now she is practicing much more. Do I have to marry her again?

Question regarding relations between husband and wife

I have a question about a husband fulfilling his sexual desires without actually engaging in intercourse.

How to Control Thoughts about Marriage?

How should I control my thoughts? Please help me. I’m only 17 years old currently, and it’s not possible for me to get married soon.

Fast Marriage and Faster Problems

There is nothing with me now… becoz of me, my parents, relatives are ashamed and deeply hurt. Shall I leave her and find new life?

My husband says I’m annoying, but I just want him to appreciate me.

My husband and I have been fighting a lot lately. He hardly ever spends time with me. He never wants to take me out to dinner or the movies or do anything together as husband and wife. Now when I text him and asks “what are you doing? ” “when are you coming home?” Etc he says I’m annoying and I’m getting on his nerves…

Drinking Your Wife’s Breast Milk

I just want to know if it is allowed in Islam for one’s husband to suck his wife’s milk while she is feeding milk to baby.

Is oral sex allowed within marriage?

Is oral sex between spouses permissible in Islam?