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Secret marriage – my husband ignores me

I can’t leave him, I love him. I don’t know why.

Husband ignores me

I have told him on different occasions if he doesn’t want me to let me know so we can both live our lives – me and my children are suffering.

Husband ignores me

When he is around he will just be busy with computer games…

My husband ignores me and we have no intimacy

We had a love marrige an he says ders no love once ur married. We sleep in seperate beds and he doesn’t seem to care. We are not very intimate at all..

He is angry with me for my behavior

I am lookin for some help in my marriage. My problem is he thinks I am a snob. He came home late the other night from having dinner with friends even though he knew I had spent the afternoon cooking for him and one friend but i didnt say anything. He decided to have some anyway when he came home and ridiculed it.