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Need lots of prayers please for me and my daughter

My husband has left us for me trying to stop him from drinking and womanizing. Please pray that he comes back to me and my daughter.

How do I go about getting a divorce from my husband?

I was going through menopause and was not very sexual with my husband. I know it was not a good thing to do, for my husband went to someone else and cheated on me.

Cant believe my husband and I are really divorced

Asalamualaikom brothers & sisters, Last 26 of July, I had a huge fight with my husband. The next day, when I came home from work I found his closet empty, he left and took all his things with him. I called him on his phone and he told me that he is divorcing me and doesn’t want to live with me anymore.

Forced to choose between my family and my husband

My husband has given me an ultimatum. He will come back but if he does he will forbid my family to come in our house. I love my family, we are a very close nit family and it brakes my heart to have to make this decision, my mum is the most angry with all this and is advising me to leave him.