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Need some guidance

I want to know that how can I separate from him when there was no proof of our marriage?

I am married to an addict

I have been married for a few years and have one daughter. Soon after the marriage discovered husband was a cocaine addict. Living with an addict is like being tortured slowly..

Should I go back to my violent husband

Im 20 yrs old and pregnant with my first child, I got married to a guy of my own choice who was very loving and caring before marriage but as soon as I married him he changed.He became very possesive and used to doubt me all the time.Then later he started hitting me when he’d get angry over little things for example why aren’t his clothes ironed or food ready. These slaps then turned to punches and kicks..

In limbo with absent husband who won’t divorce

I got traded by my own father on some culturally backward promise and was married to a using Pakistani so that he could get to the UK. I have learned that my husband is definitely using drugs, cannabis and cocaine and he drinks alcohol. He shows no care or concern for the children and has become a stranger to them.