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Help please!!! My husband wants to divorce me

I made a mistake when I was younger before marriage… He won’t forgive me.

my husband stopped loving me and now wants a divorce

I’m pregnant again after many many years of trying so hard. This was meant to be the happiest time for the both of us, instead it’s the worst and the hardest.

My husband wants divorce

I’m very sorry for sharing this story with you. But I have to – my heart is broken.

My husband wants divorce but won’t give me talak?

I want to know what are my rights if the husband refuses to verbally give the talak. I am unable to contact him and he has now moved away.

Husband committed adultery and filed for a wrongful divorce

My husband said that he has had relationships with many women and wanted a divorce. He could not bear with my character anymore.

Unfair Triple Talaaq

Men delivered a signed triple divorce paper to my house. A few days later they came again to ask for gifts back. Is the triple talaaq in writing valid?

I don’t want this marriage to end!

I told him I am sorry and I love him but he say I should love his family. It is very hard for me because his family bring problems in everything.

Please tell me istikhara dream meanings

I prayed a lot. I asked some pious person to do istikhara and got a positive answer. Also I myself have done istikhara twice… these are my dreams…

Please get my husband to come back home

I don’t want a divorce but he says he doesn’t want to be with me anymore and his parents are helping him to get divorce and remarry…