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Husband abandoned kids and wife.

Me and my father went to their house but my mother in law asked my father to take me home, she didn’t want to keep me in the house and my husband says he doesn’t want any more disrespect of his parents.

Husband is not thankful

I feel I am just there to cater to his needs. All his focus is on his trip to Pakistan… I don’t even know if he will ever come back.

My husband ignores me and he is blind for my pain

I feel I have nobody to protect me. He thinks just for his family.

Visiting parents after marriage

My husband says it hurts him that I go to see my parents so often, so I cannot go.

A housewife or working woman?

Since we got married I have been taking care of all expenses… Now he says I am not a proper Muslim woman.

My husband smokes weed

He is a good man but has bad habits…

Respecting wife’s family

My husband does not respect my family.

I am unable to understand why he degraded me

Should I give him another chance?

Remarrying my husband

I dreamt of remarrying my husband. In real life we are married for almost two years and his parents still didn’t accept me.

My husband says this is a forced marriage

My husband don’t agree on making babies… He say he will marry again with his choice women but won’t divorce me.