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Ghusl after injury

The doctor put a bandage on my head and told me that the stitches are not to be tampered with. I am confused, how to take a ghusl?

Husband does not change his clothes or wash himself

Please give me advice how to deal with this situation as I don’t know which approach or action to take anymore.

Because of Wetness do we need to take Ghusl?

It is human nature to go wet when they are excited. But do we need to take bath to get pure or just wadu would be enough?

Disturbed by discharge

Is it farz to do ghusal for namaz… or wuzu is enough?

Urinating in standing position

For fear of accidental falling of urine drops …

Confused about seeking Khulah

I have discussed all these issues with him a million times. I have tried to convince him with my loving words to warnings of leaving him, but nothing has changed him in these years. I feel that he will never change, and I will live this miserable life for ever and ever. When I discuss it with him, he simply proves that these things are only in my head and have nothing to do with reality, and that he loves me a lot and is sincere with me.