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He doesn’t know this but I want to marry him!

Help me.. I love somebody but he is getting married to someone else.

I don’t want him to marry someone else but I know he won’t go against his strict parents.

I can’t stop loving him

He said to his ex that letting her go was the biggest mistake ever – he still had feelings for her.

Will we marry or not?

I have never ever ever placed him even on the same meter as my Lord, my Creator, but yes….I had begun to consider him my happiness.

Did our previous acts cause our negative istikhara?

I have been in love with a man for the past six years… I only reverted to Islam recently. He performed istikhara to see if we can be together in the future in a pure and proper way.

Help me please – I love him

Please suggest me dua through which I can have him in my life. He’s afraid of speaking to his parents.. please I need him I want him I know he is Muslim, please suggest me some dua please..

I need help and a wazifa for love marriage

I need help for love marriage. I want to be in nikah with him according to the guidelines of islam. I am already doing 1 wazeefa. Please tell me another one too.