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Do I need an iddah for divorce?

We had physical relations only once, so is an iddah required for me for divorce?

What is the status of our nikah? Do we need to use halala?

After 1…2…3 talak given by me and we had intercourse before iddah.

Nikkah fasakh

I had a qazi who done my nikkah fasakh. I have heard that nikkah fasakh doesn’t have iddah?

Khula before rukhsati?

I don’t think he is the right person for me. If I ask for khula, is iddah necessary or not?

Is my mother divorced or not??

Isn’t there supposed to be a iddah that my mother is supposed to do? If my father says it again will she be completely divorced and he can’t have her back?

Confused and very depressed

After this divorce I’m all broken. I am so confused that how will I face all the family?

Am I in Iddat? or Abandonment?

Are there different rules? I am not bitter about it, I just want to move on with my life. Allah (swt) puts tests in our lives to return our attention to him, to make us Jannah worthy.

Confused – do I divorce or reconcile?

I filed for divorce and I’m currently in Iddah, but I think I’m making a mistake…

I haven’t completed iddah but he wants me back…

I want to believe it but I can’t because he broke a lot of promises and expectations that has destroyed our family.

I divorced my wife, now she wants to marry her lover

The man was fully aware she is married and in Nikah with me yet they both destroyed my marriage & family…