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Secret marriage – my husband ignores me

I can’t leave him, I love him. I don’t know why.

Boyfriend’s Muslim Parents Won’t Even Look at Me

I had done all this research as to not offend them. I dressed modestly. I had all these expectations that they’d like me and they didn’t even acknowledge I was in the room.

Husband ignores me

When he is around he will just be busy with computer games…

I am very sad and upset because of family

At night I suddenly wake up, can’t sleep, I only think why, why, why I am treated like this?

Her husband ignores her…

What should a woman do when her husband continuously ignoring her from the very first night. She is still virgin after 2 years of marriage.

My boyfriend is ignoring me

He’s 24 and I’m 17… He’s ignoring me but he’s not telling me that he wants to break up like what do I do should I wait for him?

My husband’s family ignores me…

Is this normal behavior to not talk with someone? I thought with time, things would change but even after 7 years, no one talks to me and ignores my attempts at joining in the conversation.

Getting over a heartbreak

I feel heart broken because I liked the guy a lot. And I also thought he and his family liked me too. My question is how can I have this pain in my heart go away?

Pregnant, alone and ignored by him and his family

I am a convert living in Asian country.Last 6 years I met a guy online from gulf country.He came here and we date but ofcourse I don’t know at all about haraam or whatever. Then he bring Islam to me. He told me to fast in ramdhan. I was interested as I was young and Islam answer life questions correctly..

Tired of sitting at home between 4 walls, waiting for husband

I just want us to be soulmates you know. If not soulmates, I just want him to do things with me, interact with me. if he can go to various shopping malls or markets with his friends and enjoy himself, why can´t he take me? Can´t he see or understand how I’m feeling or going through being at home every single day waiting for him?