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Too restless and stressed to pray regularly

Long story short, I want to be that way I was when I was happy. I know that I should pray and ask Allah to ease my worries, but I am not able to attain tranquility in salah. Can anybody suggest to me one of the best duas that I can recite?

Scared of having no faith in Allah

Does true faith just come effortlessly, or are there certain things I should do to achieve it? I wish I have just a little bit of it in my heart.

Confused about inner changes drawing me to purdah

Now for some time, I have been having thoughts of starting purdah. Like before, I used to go out comfortably in short sleeved kameez but now for some reason I just feel more comfortable in long sleeves. And now I want to cover my head, but the reason I’m not starting is I have doubts about my ability to sustain it.

Communicating with non mahram, to guide him in iman

I feel like guiding him to the straight path just like a sister. When he missed his prayers he felt strongly dissatisfied, but he is not realizing the cause of this dissatisfaction. I believe once his imaan is strong, he can guide his wife and children the same way and he would not even feel the need to chat with me.

I have broken promises to Allah many times

I promised again not to sin but I broke my promise again. This happened almost three times. Now, I think I lost my “Iman.” I rush towards Allah for forgiveness but there is no reply from Allah. I think there is no reason for my living. In namaz, I have no feelings of standing before Almighty Allah. When I recite Quran, there is no feelings of having Iman.

Would a Muslim revert man go to Jannat if his kids are still hindu?

I would be very grateful, if anyone can provide me any advice please. If a non-Muslim man converts, and gets married to a muslim woman and have their children who are muslim too…

My brother has a mental inbalance

My brother suffers from paranoia. He prays his obligatory salat. He follows the sunnah, but his ahlak & his adab is not consistent with that of our Prophets peace be upon them..

Friend believes in Allah his heart, but not in his head.

I came from a family that didn’t practice the Sunnah at all. But after I graduated high school, I started wearing hijab to restart my life. I knew that it would be really tough for me to suddenly be steadfast, especially from the lifestyle I had before…

Can I do my Namaaz (prayer) in my room

Assalaamualaikkum. I am staying in a hostel as I am working out of my state and there’s no Masjids nearby to where I actually am..

How to make children offer salaah and remaining unmarried in Islam?

Our’s is a big family. I have my nieces and nephews around me all the time. Older grandchildren of my parents have already crossed their teens now. A few of them MashaAllah are blessed with inborn good qualities but, many are not. Most of them don’t obey their elders and don’t offer namaz inspite of regular reminder by all the elders…