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I am raising money for my asylee friend’s family!

Hello, I am Himari, and I have a family friend whose name we call “Minnesota family.” They came to the USA as asylees, and their case is still pending. When they first arrived in 2019, the wait times were 180 days at max, but COVID happened and there were so many people filing for asylum […]

Help – my husband has used me!

His and his parents’ intentions were to use me and to benefit from my American status. They want to use me for their selfish fantasies to live in America.

In desperate need of advice related to marriage

I have been married to my cousin from the previous 3 years. I am extremely unhappy… my mental and physical health have deteriorated and my finances are in a horrible state.

Evil inside family and related

After two days spending at their house my cousin curse me that I could go to jail…

Can we process my husband’s US visa by staying in Pakistan?

I am American citizen and my husband works in Dubai. It looks problem for me to go to US alone and apply for my husband.

False death certificate and lies

I feel really bad for what they did. I wish to complain about them to the embassy and let them pay for what they did…

How can we have a proper nikah?

We took each other as husband and wife. But still I feel guilty for not having proper nikah.

Brother in law causing problems

We are all Muslim and I have a feeling this is all haram to put a wife through such pain, hurt and financial abuse.

Help needed to marry Filipina girl

I love her and she loves me too. She agrees to come to Pakistan and to become Muslim.

We want to move abroad after marriage

Next year we will migrate to Australia… Will the Australian embassy honour our marriage certificate done under Islamic rites?