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In-law problems

Though I love my husband I somehow regret marrying into such a family…

Mother in law making herself dependent on me.

She is turning over all her chores to me…. she is putting the burdens of her house on me.


What should I do now? Should I give him divorce?

Wife or parents?

His parents are able bodied but are getting old so he has decided to leave me and our kids and move in full time with his parents.

Wedding gifts taken back from me

I heard you cannot do this in Islam… the idea of such act really disturbs me.

Confused after marriage

When I talk to married sisters, its as though – this cycle never ends and its a norm. But this is not a norm I want to accept for my life.

False accusations…

We accused my sister in law of running away from our house… only to keep her away to protect remaining family.

He is constantly making me look bad

I feel so unhappy in this relationship. Each time I go home to my parents I don’t want to leave them. I can’t see anywhere to go. I just want to be out of the house as long as I can. He portrays himself as an amazing guy to me, but behind my back he looks for opportunities to put me down to anyone I know. I, inshallah will start praying and finding my faith, but should I stay in such a marriage that keeps me unhappy?

Six months with no contact from husband abroad

My mother decided the situation was getting worse and these people were liars because their son was unable to call me to the UK, and now they only want to control me. She thought that after quiting my job I will be totally helpless, on the mercy of my mother in law. So my mother decided not to send me to my in laws. My husband stopped calling me. Meanwhile, my scholarship for Germany got finalized.

I keep quarreling with my sister inlaw

I’m a housewife married for 7 years now. Its a love marriage and MashaAllah my husband is really good and caring but the problem I have with, is my sis in law who is married for 6 years and still lives with us. Ours is a joint family and were very happy with each others company until my sis in law joined us..