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My in-laws’ verbal abuse led me to say “no more!”

My in-laws are verbally and psychologically abusive to me, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed by Islam to completely stop talking to them.

My husband chooses family over me

My husband never takes my side and may be a danger to me. I’m seeking divorce.

Family problem – stolen money

I pray to Allah please let all know who is thief, so that my husband will understand me at least.

We both want to live separate but we are worried about how his parents will react.

We want to live close by and still maintain regular contact with them, just have our own space where we can be free and develop our own relationship, all the tension has put a huge strain on our marriage and we are both constantly stressed. However we do not know how to break it to the family, if we move it will just be his mother n father alone and we will be seen as evil.

We are married but in-laws don´t accept me

I reverted to islam and married to a muslim boy.We had tried our best to convince our parents before marriage especially his but they were not ready to accept me.i had accepted islam many years before marriage and was following it.