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Can I propose to a rational agnostic person?

I’m pretty sure if I talk to him and propose him he’ll come back… My question – is it a right thing to approach him? Can we both get married?

I still miss my ex husband dearly

So what should I do to love my husband and how can I forget my ex? I am afraid I will spend the rest of my life thinking of my ex.

An unhappy marriage

I want to divorce my husband and go to my ex… I want a family with the person I truly love.

I’m being unfair on my new proposal as I think about my ex a lot

My ex of 12 years was unfaithful to me at the beginning of our relationship. His family wanted him to have an arranged marriage and he had a lot of family issues responsibilities which affected him psychologically/ mentally.

I still love my ex husband and want him back

I prayed a lot to God to give me a good loving husband but Allah gave me then took him away from me. My unborn child remained unborn. Why he took my husband and my child away? If i do not remarry will I get my ex-husband the same one in the next world? Will I get my this child in the next world?

Converted to Islam but can’t get over my ex

I converted to Islam very recently but I can’t get over my ex. it’s been 8 months since we are apart but my feelings for him still here… i dont know why i still cant forget him… i still love him & i want him to be back in my life but i dont know how to start a conversation with him.