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I am engaged but I love someone else

She is a Hindu and she is also ready to convert but my parents are not allowing me to break off the engagement and marry her, because their respect will go in the family.

Being forced to marry but I love someone else

My parents have beaten me, threatened to disown me or send me back to our home country… My father even said he would divorce my mother if I don’t agree.

I don’t think my mom is having an affair – I am sure of it!

My mom is dying to separate from my dad long before she even know this guy, but she stayed for the sake of her children. Now she has to live her life with someone that she doesn’t love anymore…

I am not satisfied with my carefree husband, and I fell in love with someone else

I came across the person I loved, and I am in touch with him too. I do not want to be a sinner, but as I found him in this situation, I have completely lost love for my husband. I am just concerned about Allah’s anger, what must I do?