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Used and tricked by fiancé

Sometimes I hate him and sometimes I miss him and wonder if it was my fault because i didn’t control him and I let him make me that way.

I am worried that I might have destroyed my marriage

My intention was pure but the sheikh insisted that since it was to do with my womb he had to smear it all over my body as a way to heal me…

My fiance knew his cousin was cheating on my sister and said nothing. Should I break my engagement?

I’m a Muslim woman, my name is Asher and I have recently been engaged to a man (Shareef) who my family has known for a very long time. The engagement was arranged by our families. I have no objections to the marriage, however his cousin who is married to my sister, cheated on her. Him and his cousin are very close and he knew about his cousin cheating and never said anything.