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Touching Private Parts of Sister.

My friend told me this story about when he was young. Was this zina? What is its punishment?

I am corrupt and lost

I had sex with my cousin and sister, I don’t pray, and I disrespected the Quran. I am corrupt and lost.

Marital Relationships – Brother and Sister?!

How can a boy marry a girl who is his sister in relation. Is it legal and acceptable?

I’m scared of what I’m doing – please help me

This new kind of sickness has infected me… And that is the outburst of my sexual desires on the nearest female I see. And that just so happens to be my little sister…

Regular wet dream about my mother and touching her

One night when my mom was on sleeping pills I did something wrong with my mom that she still doesn’t know about. At that time she was 5 months pregnant, but I didn’t have sex with her. The next day I repented a lot and promised not to do anything like that again. Since then I have lost my sleep, and I am having the wet dreams.

Incestous feeling for my younger sister; please help

In the morning she didn’t said anything about last night and behaving normally cause she is very innocent (only 18 years of age). But i am regretting now, that i have done a big sin. I am very depressed now that what should i do, cause am feeling very guilty.

Can I marry my niece?

i just want to know that is there any possibility or option in Islam that i could marry my niece (my own niece)? i am sorry to say i cant force myself to marry any other girl.

Depression and Anxiety due to sexual abuse by father, brother and cousin

I have felt suicidle, suffering from depression and anxiety for as long as i could remember, im not getting any support from my family. I don’t want to feel angry with my mother for not being there for me. She was very emotionally and physically abusive, she was also present on one occasion when my father sexually abused me at the age of 6. I can never forgive her for that.

Sexual abuse by father and haram relationship; how can my friend repent living in the same house?

Now, as she is realizing that she did many wrong things to herself because of her disturbances. Now, she wants to turn to Allah pak and ask for repentance, problem is that she is still living in same place where she was abused by her father I means in her father house.

Family is falling apart after my sister had an affair with my stepbrother

My mother had cheated on my father three years ago, and a year after that he married his highschool sweetheart who also became a muslim before he even asked her in marriage..