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Can we fall in love with family members?

I am in love with my cousin nephew.

Cheating Companion and Incest

Am in a relationship with a lady and we have one child. I suspect however that she is cheating on me and even worse still practicing incest.

A lot of drama: adultery, incest, lesbianism.

I was still a child, no more than 3 or 4 years old and I can remember my parents arguing. I remember my dad telling my mom he has some work to do, and he would take me with him to his mistress house and would leave me in the sitting room whilst he ‘does his work’…

Addicted to sex with my sister

Alhamdullilah I’m a muslim girl and a very good student as well. My life was going very well but I don’t know how I became addicted to sex and sex not with boys but with a girl and with myself. The only girl I ever use is my elder sister. I use net and sometimes cds to watch sex online. After watching I can’t control anything and do sex. I really do not want to do all this because I know that it is zinna, but i cant control myself.

Brother and Sister relationship in Islam – is it incest?

I was facing certain problems, many friends tried to help me and especially this one brother who has been on my course for 3 years yet we have never really spoken much before, but he was facing very similar situations, and the reality of our issues brought us closer together. Please do not get me wrong, we did not engage in any haraam we would talk mostly about deen and studies over MSN.

He helped me a lot to stay affirm on my deen and keep my faith in Allah to pull through my problems, we established at the start of our friendship that we are nothing more than brother and sister, but as time passed and we overcame our problems and i got to know more about him i felt like everything I desire in a spouse he has. I felt in my heart that I did not want these feelings to become haraam so I prayed Istikhara on whether he is the right choice for marriage several times and felt good feelings every time.