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I don’t like the way his parents look at me

Attractions became fatal as we fell for one another. As time passed, he consulted his mother about us. I got affected as his mother was giving looks when I came over. I started to wonder if I was right from the beginning.

Forced marriage making me depressed

Initially my dad told me that they were just getting me engaged, not married, and it was not a big deal. A week later he said that engagements are unislamic, and he’ll get me married instead. He did this many times.

Confused about my fiancée to be.

My parents all have explained to me I will need to guide him in life with education, jobs, etc and this frustrates me as I believe a man should do this mainly and I should be his supporter. This puts me off a lot and I feel I will lose my patience with him, and shout. My anger has started to appear, and I say bad things about him.

22 Married, Pregnant, Unhappy.

He followed me back home, parents tried to mediate but it hasn’t worked. This feeling of hate dislike, disgust is always prevalent. I start to cry for no reason I cannot explain why I don’t want him. I become unresponsive when the matter is brought up. When I went back home I found out I was pregnant I am due in January 2014, We live in separate rooms and have not spoken since we moved back to my parents. He has been living rent free and has not contributed anything financial to my parents, I have 5 young siblings, he has become an unwanted burden.

Is Nikaah under Social Pressure Halaal or Haraam?

My friends say it was Allah’s will and now I’m married so i should only be thinking about a happy life with my husband. If i talk about divorce everyone says its a wrong step, taking divorce for no reason is not allowed in Islam. Before Nikah everyone advised don’t worry everything will be fine now they say i am ungrateful.

I love one girl, but I married another

I am 31 and I married my 17 year old cousin at my mother’s request. I am not attracted to her and I don’t love her. I feel unable to fulfill her rights.

Getting to know a guy for marriage but not sure if we are compatible

About a year back, my mom and dad had chosen a boy for me for marriage purpose, and i agreed to meet him with my family. I guy was allowed to talk to him personally, during a visit to their house, and what i could understand was he was a nice person and all that, but he did not have any job…