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How do I attain freedom without losing my contact with my parents?

I want to live in a world where I am happy wearing the clothes I want, being with the guy I want and seeing my friends and socializing when I want.


Depressed because of over-possessive parents

Please guide me that is it allowed in islam that a son wants himself to get independent by living alone in hostel or is it necessary for every son to live with his parents no matter what happens?

Born Muslim or revert; how do I even get married?

I am already 26, and muslim families mostly marry their children early. The muslim guys here have a really bad reputation of being players and short tempered, generally. Born muslims have a very different outlook about Islam, and it’s very different from my own. It’s more of a culture than a religion from what I have seen here. Will a born muslim be able to understand me?

me, my career, my family & marriage

salam all, well, I’m a network engineer, as I’m an tele-engineer. It suits me but I want to get into the banking sector, starting as a bank PO. Now the problem is that my father and mother do not agree that I should leave my field and go to the banking sector which is different […]