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Must I attend my cousin’s wedding if he molested me as a child?

A cousin that sexually molested me is getting married soon, and I do not want to go to his wedding. Is it ok for me not to attend, when it is prohibited to cut ties with relatives?

Help please after father death and about land and house left behind

I feel it’s my right it’s not for greed I am doing I want what rightfully belongs to me and what should have belonged to my dad when his father passed away.

Distribution of Property?

My father died, leaving five children. How do we divide his property?

Brother and sister sharing property

My sister has inherited land and I want to build a house over her land with mutual understanding.

Inheritance-does my brother deserve it??

Do my parents have an obligation according to Islam?

We are 8 sisters 2 are married after father’s death – will the inheritance differ in 2 daughters’ case?

Why can’t the distribution be done after all the expenses of me and my sister’s marriage is done…?


My father had no will nor instructed me to distribute it in a certain way…

Inheritence of ongoing pension fund

How should this money be distributed?

Regarding Inheritance of Property

There’s been some sort of confusion and many problems regarding this property inheritance in my family.

How to distribute inheritance after both parents died?

My father died,leaving our mother, 5 sons and 2 sisters. After 2 months my mother also died.