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Arranged vs Love Marriage (Divorce)

I am very much disturbed because of problems in my family life…

Father showing injustice to children – what can the son do?

Would I be at fault if I file a legal case as it would be against my own father? Would I be at fault of severing blood relation with my brother and sister?

Betrayed by an unjust husband

He tells me that he wants me to have peace in to my heart about the situation. He says we are the old house and his family he has now is the new house and he does not want to destroy it.

Am I allowed to take Khula because my husband loves his other wife more?

I returned home with my son and I saw that my husband was getting married again! I screamed and cried but no one was listening. My sister in law and her daughter told me to leave with my son and never come back. But I refused to go and my co-wife who is a revert took some sympathy on me and requested my husband to let me stay.

I am hindu – I have vowed to marry very fair beautiful muslim girl

We started talking and then it turned into love and we had short affair but I was beaten by her brother along with his friends brutally… I have vowed to marry very fair beautiful muslim girl, innocent girl below 30,then why is men allowed to marry hindu girls then, it is not unfair?