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Will my ‘Shahaadah’ automatically divorce me from my husband?

I am a married christian woman in the midst of trying to obtain a divorce. My husband is doing all he can to stop the divorce from getting through the courts. I have after leaving my husband met and have fallen in love with a Muslim man. And am preparing to take shahada.

What to do after a Negative Istikhara

There is nothing stopping us from committing to each other other than the Istikhara he has seen on both occasions. What can we do to overcome this? Can this be overcome so we can be married?

Should I accept he is gone?

I was in a relationship with a guy for two year, at the same time he was in relationship with another girls for 8 years, i know about other relationship but i still won´t give up because i love him so much.

Family not agreeing due to caste

Hi i am currently going through the a problem and i came across this forum i have known this guy for 6 yrs my family hav met him and know his from a good family and is a good guy and that he will keep me happy but are not allowing me to marry him due to caste difference.

Marriage: Young & Confused

5 years ago, I started crushing on my cousin in law when I first met him at my cousin (and his brother’s) wedding. We live like 400 miles apart, so we don’t see each other often so I would have expected to totally get over it, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. I saw him and his family about 2 months ago when they came, and I think I’ve fallen in love with him!

I’m inlove with someone, but am being forced to marry another

I am 21, I loved this boy, and some of my family members were in favour of his proposal too, they to felt that he loves me for real. However, coz the boys family were not very nice, my parents had suspicion on the boy that I love too. After some time I got engaged to someone else that was the choice of my parents.

The girl I love & want to marry is engaged to someone else, so am I.

I love a girl and she also likes me but the problem is that my parents had fixed my engagement 5 years back to some other girl and I do not see that girl as my future wife. Moreover the girl I love also her engagement was fixed recently to someone else.

I have fallen for a Muslim Woman, but I am not a Muslim

I have known a Muslim girl for a long time, and over that time, I have fallen in love with her. The problem therefore being, I am not a Muslim myself.

My boyfriend married other woman

I’m an asian woman very much in love with a kerala man. We have been for 8 months before he go for vacation in india. We are working together. After 1 month and half of vacation, he got married a kerala woman.

In love with a hindu girl

I am loving to hindu girl and I wanted to marry her and she is ready to accept islam. But I am fearing to tell my parents ie., my only my mom.