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We text and call each other; I just want to know if it’s right or wrong to do so before marriage?

Prior to my graduation; I met a Muslim girl 3 years ago who is born and raised Muslim, from the same ethnicity/background as mine. Long story short; we both exchanged text massages, calls and even met a couple times (public/private) Istaqfurullah. Its something I regret now. have decided to marry this girl but I am financially not ready. I am aware of the talks and text we are doing is haram so in that case I would like to do atleast a nikah but at this point what I am thinking is that we are in Ramadan. Should I keep talking to her or exchange text massages or wait till nikkah and cut contact with her.

He broke with me and now acts as a good friend

Since we have the same friend circle we decided to be just friends which is really tough for me. He said he loves me but we are better off as friends. It been 2 months now since we broke up and I still hold feelings for him. I’m really lost.

I am sinking, I want my love back.

our marriage should be love and arrange marriage too but my sister said we can´t wait for 1 year, so my boyfriend left me by saying that you can´t wait.. then I can´t do anything…

We agree to marry in two years but we are getting too close.

Since our parents have talked, my friend thinks that it is okay for us to meet alone and be a couple. I agreed but slowly I’m starting to realize that we’re getting very close in our meetings….

I love her but she doesn´t care about me

At that time I was struggling very hard to set up my own business. I gave her everything when I was in Britain, supported her in every way a husband should do, but she didn’t bother, when I needed her.

I am on straight Path now, but dreaming about him every night.

Then he says “Listen I really like you” and I was very shocked! But I didn’t tell him I liked him back (I’m really trying to be a better person than before) then he said “It’s obvious that you’re attracted to me, and please do not be ashamed” and I ignored it, so we changed the subject….

My wife and my future second wife threaten to kill themselves, help me.

I also know that i am guilty in the first place but now it has already happened. Love just happens and i wish if we all could stop it happening. If it was just my love i would have sacrified it for the sake of Allah but now its a matter of life and death.

I drank milk from my aunt, can I marry my cousin?

I want to marry a cousin because we are very deeply in love. But we heard that I got some milk from her mother. According to her she gave me milk from 9am to 3-4pm for one single day only..

While sinning everything was fine, after marrying he hits me.

We had to marry before Ramadan so I could be with him through out and I fasted that month which was amazing.. I knew after I wanted to convert.. But he would always say to be that I am not ready and put me down about the religion saying that I am not fit to be a Muslim…

He is muslim I am protestant. He is very friendly.

At first, I just thought that he was being nice and friendly and tried to dismiss every thought that there was something more but as days passed by, I somehow felt that there was something magical happening