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Where do I fit in this world?

My relationship with my parents isn’t so good. I spend most of the time ignoring them or bickering. I am clearly the least favorite child, but I don’t mind.

How can I stop being a people pleaser?

I have been lonely since forever and I am tired of it. I want friends who like me for me!

Can I make dua for larger breasts?

I was just wondering if it is haram or disliked if I pray to Allah if I can have larger breasts?

Sexual thoughts and feelings

I have many strong thoughts and feelings sexually… in my state of depression I committed horrible sins.

Dua to make my parents agree to my marriage with my friend

I am a Muslim girl. I want to marry my Muslim friend. But i think my mom dad will not agry with this because they want my life partner will very rich and very good looking. My Muslim friend is not so much good looking and rich also.

Fear of unknown ahead and stigma attached to divorce is holding me back, desperately need advice

The fear of the unknown ahead as well as the stigma related to divorce is holding me back. I don’t know how I will tell my parents about this. I don’t want to hurt my husband either. We have tried talking about our issues time and time again and we just talk in circles and it doesn’t get fixed. I am so confused and conflicted at this point. I don’t want to live the rest of my life like this.

Need help for depressed friend

i want to know if you can break a promise with the intention of helping, but with that breaking of promise there could be positive and negative signs not to mention breaking a promise itself is a great sin . What does islam say about that…i need something specific …please reply as soon as possible.

The story of my life

I spent 7 years of my life in a religious seminary , not forced by anyone but out of my own desire to know my religion and become CLOSE to My Lord. Indeed i am feeling very ashamed of myself to write that i turned out very bad in the end.

I need help in gaining confidence

I don’t know what I should do . I dont know what to do. When I see people fat high scores then me I feel upset. I feel very sad, I don’t know what I should do. Also to make matters worse, today my grandma was talking to me and my sisters on skype. So she has seen us after six years. My grandma to be honest I don’t know how to describe her. She was always mean to my mom because she was dark skin. However, my mom doesn’t deal with that no more because we came to America and has been living here for almost 14 years.

I want to marry him but he says he’s not ready

I am 35yr and was talking to a potential proposal for the last 4 months, without had shown equal interest. He was married before and had a divorce. It was very painful for him. He then asked a common acquaintance to introduce him to someone. Thats how I came in picture. He recently has stopped talking and upon enquiring through e-mail told me that he is not ready yet, his life is a mess and needs fixing and we should go our own way. Its traumatic for me.