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How can I stop being so distressed about his past? I want to marry him.

When he was 14 he had a short relationship with a girl, they didn’t have sex but they have kissed… I want to be the best for my husband but it feels like some other girl has taken that away from me and he won’t feel all that with me.

They refuse to let her marry me because I’m diabetic

Her family would say to me “you are like a son to us”, but when they found out about my condition they totally changed. They have made me feel so under-valued just because of my diabetes. I really want to be with this girl and she wants to be with me. She would call me upset that her family will not let it happen, and they will not listen to her that she is happy to marry me. We met the right way, and both families have met, we got along and everything has totally changed.

Wife confessed to her premarital relationships when asked to swear on Allah’s name.

today I asked her by taking the name of Allah and the Azaan was also going on, then she confessed that once a boy kissed her forcefully, but after that she neither talked with him nor she was in contact with him and again when I asked her about did U both had sex or more than a kiss ?

Worried about being a second wife

we liked each other but i did not know he was married not until one day i called him at night and the wife received the phone. i was so dissapointed

I’m in love with someone but lost him due to my lying & insecurities

I have been with someone the past year. overall i was not good to them. i lied to them a massive amount. i have come to realise i have a problem with lying. i don’t know if i’m a compulsive liar or why i do it but i lie. he was the first person i actually admit all my faults and flaws to, this is the second time i’m openly admitting that yes maybe i’m a compulsive liar. and it’s very hard and sad and hurtful for me to say it. i am but i want to change.

Helpless and lonely

I am 26, girls usually get married around 18 or 19 years, but I am still single. Since I turned to 18 I am praying to Allah after every salat to bestow mercy on me n and prayed to get married soon.