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Can’t sleep due to black magic spell.

When I try to sleep, my whole body starts itching…Whatever they do, they cannot break that black magic spell!

Severe insomnia – thinking of suicide

I have been having severe insomnia for the past 7/8 years. I dropped out of my education… It’s ruining my life.

supernatural spirit disturbing me at night

Even though it used give hints and communication through the subconscious (it never spoke), one day and only one time when I was in semi-sleep (I couldn’t move) I could clearly feel someone near me but I couldn’t see it.

Fajr prayer missed due to illness

Previously I used to get up from bed to pray my fajr but after I had insomnia I don’t, even though it’s better than before alhamduLILAH. But sometimes it bothers too much. After that I’ve stopped getting up early for fajr and prayed after I woke up(after sun rise), because due to lack of sleep I used get tired, constipated, severe headache and sometimes unable to focus.

I have insomnia and cannot sleep

I am suffering from a sleeping disorder called insomnia for the past 7 years. I am unable to sleep before 5 a.m. Is there any dua which I can recite so I wont suffer from this problem?

I have insomnia and terrible nightmares, why?

My parents are always worried about me as I am the youngest in my family and they are concerned because I have symptoms like senior citizens. Sometimes I feel helpless and useless to my family that I just lock myself in the room and try to remain in isolation…