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Married a year and half

Our marriage at this point is a disaster.

Apologising for the hurt

Not sure she accepted my apology or not, I think she didn’t forgive – so would Allah swt forgive me?

What should I do?

I’m seeking suggestion about family harassment… I have faced lot of insult.

Husband treats me badly because of black magic

i dont know whats wrong with my life. my husbanad always scolds me and he is not taking any interest in me and my mother in law alwayz instigagte to my husband and my husband knows that my mother in law is totaly wrong she alwayz giving me bad words she always insult me and she is very greedy lady but than also he takes favor of his mother.

Feel helpless and hopless in abusive/careless fiancé!

I’m about to get married to him and i dont know what to do anymore because i feel that he has lost love 4 me but denies it, and lost that passionate or even tiny bit of care for me, but yet still claims to have it but i dont see it if hes doing this to me? I want to change him i just dont know how or what will open up his eyes and see what he has in front of him.

My husband calls me fat and alienates my friends

assalaamu walaikum Iam married and we have been going through a lot in the past three years but this is our first year of marriage. yet i feel like my husband is destroying me mentally because of some of the things he does. like for instance i have a medical condition in which my medication made me gain a lot of weight. he callls me fat all the time and makes me insecure about it.