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A muslim girl and christian guy?

We plan to get married. How should I break it to my parents?

Raising Children in an Inter-Faith Marriage

Is it true that I cannot prevent her from exposing our children to her beliefs as long as she does not force them to adopt them?

Can a Muslim man marry a Catholic girl?

So how does a couple like this go about getting married in Malaysia and registering the marriage? and what is the procedures and documents required?

Can a muslim man marry a Jewish women?

i am a muslim man from india. I have a jewish lover, she like to marry me, can i marry her?

Is this relationship possible?

Do you think there’s hope for our future together considering the circumstances with our family and the fact that we are different religion and so far from each other?

What is the requirement for getting married to a Christian lady

As far as I know being a Muslim boy I am allowed to marry a Christian girl however I need to double check it and I would like to know what are the basic requirements.

Does she need to convert to Islam or can I marry her as a Christian?

I want her to become a Muslim but she refuses that, but she says that she is OK if our kid raised as Muslim. I am not sure, is that OK for me to get marred her as a Christian girl.

Can I being a Sunni marry a Bohra girl?

Can you please share some light from the Quran that I can prove that a Muslim can marry another Muslim and there is no harm?

Hindu, Muslim marriage; how to get over cultural barriers?

I didn’t want to run away and get married to my boyfriend and upset my parents. Another problem is our culture barrier which I am afraid when he will ask my hand how will my parents react? I need advice on it, I wanted to make my parents happy so has my love of my life.

Can I marry her?

Can a married Muslim man marry a Christian woman who is separated from her husband?