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Cleansing after intercourse with husband

I’m confused as to different things I’ve heard from other females regarding cleansing.

What are female rights to sex?

Please tell me my rights as a female on sex? Is it wrong for a female to ask for sex? I also need tips in how I can make him more attractive and intimate with me…

What should wife do if husband has no sexual relations with her for a long time?

What if a husband does not have sex with his wife for a long time? What should the wife do?

Is it mandantory to have sexual intercourse on the first day of wedding night?

I would like to know Is it mandantory to have sexual intercourse on the first day of wedding night? been heard its a sunnah but if not practiced on the same day will it be sin…

Cannot get clean after intercourse

After intercourse the husbands discharge keeps coming out even after washing up and a shower. Am I clean?

Divorce or Keep Secret Nikkah

I have a situation and I really need help. I live in north American society and I met a beautiful muslim girl 3 years ago. After meeting her couple of times I proposed her and consulted with my parents. My parents spoke to her parents. I was 20 at that time. Her parents did not want to get her married to me at that time and did not say yes or no to my parents. To avoid any problems and thinking both parents will agree any time we decided to have our nikkah done in secret (without a wali). During the 3 years period of nikkah we had intercourse only once.

The intimate part of my marriage is terrible

My husband and I have been married for nearly 4 year’s. We are very, very, happy together. However, our intimate sexual life together is horrible. I was raised in America, he in Jordan. I am a revert to Islam, he was raised muslim. He was a virgin when we married, I had been married previously.