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Convincing Muslim family to let their son marry Christian girl

I am getting ready to convert. I would like to show them I am a worthy person, who would make their son happy and support their values.

Young love in Islam with a non-Muslim

I’m 12 years and was in a relationship with a non-Muslim boy in my class.

Interfaith marriage without parental permission possible?

I’m a Christian girl. My family will not agree with our wedding so I’m left without a Wali.

Love is not enough for his parents

I am willing to learn and understand Islam and will eventually convert. However, this is not enough for his parents as I am of different nationality.

I want to marry a Muslim Man but my Mother has been brainwashed to be anti- Muslim …

She is sadly ignorant because our media portrays “Muslim” in such a way that create fear. I don’t think she will listen to me explain…

Second marriage for both of us… however I’m Christian

I could not bear the possibility of not seeing him again… I don’t accept that we cannot be together…

Ya Allah help me get him back

Allah has blessed me with good looks and good health and a good university degree i am what many might call “have it all” type of girl yet i feel so empty without him.

Feeling lost and worthless

What do I do? Do I tell his mother I was intimate with her son? That I cannot marry someone else now as it would mean problem for my family honor too? That her son loves me very much and I make him happy but he is afraid to tell her that?

A Muslim girl and a Sikh boy

He’s a very respectable person and he loves me. How can I let him know Islam is the ultimate source of guidance and falah?

Can I propose to a rational agnostic person?

I’m pretty sure if I talk to him and propose him he’ll come back… My question – is it a right thing to approach him? Can we both get married?